Flashback Friday

Following on from last week and a few wonderful comments made by our dear friends, I thought I’d give you a potted history lesson of the Sparhawk Clan. Unfortunately I had to get Mama’s help with this one, because for a period of time I wasn’t in this world. Mama had to tell me what went on before I was allowed to join her. Anyway, I think this will give you an idea of where we Sparhawks came from and how we hope to hang around for a while longer ….

In the beginning …. Mama fell in love with Scotties and bought her first one in 1991 and named her Agnes, who became Agi. Agi gave Mama some puppies, but they all left to go to new homes so Mama bought another girlie scottie in 1997 and named her Isobel, who became Izzy or Bella or Bell-Bell. Izzy had three litters, all with the same boy dog. There were 11 of us in total, 9 boys and 2 girls. Gus and Kelpie (Mama kept Kelpie) were born in the first litter on 12th February 1999  along with two others; followed by three more boys, in the second litter in 2001, who found forever homes with wonderful families that Mama kept in touch with, and then Izzy’s last litter (Mama only let her girls have 3 litters – no more) was the one in which me and Finlay found ourselves a part of, born 14th February 2003.

Kelpie (from Izzy 1st litter) had been allowed to have her own babies in 2001, and we still see our niece “Poppy” who will be 13 on 29th March 2014. Kelpie wasn’t allowed any more puppies because she was a lazy girl who had to have a caesarian, and didn’t really know what was happening – she much preferred to play with her puppies rather than be a mama-dog!

Anyway, back to the beginning. Agi, was joined by Izzy and they were both then joined by Kelpie and from 1999 til December 3rd 2002 the three girls had a fabulous time, going on wonderful holiday and great walks. Unexpectedly Agi needed an operation from which nasty stuff was found to be growing inside her and tragically Mama had to say goodbye, without really being able to say goodbye, if you know what I mean. And from this day forward she is paranoid about operations. So for while the household consisted of Izzy and her daughter Kelpie. However, Izzy was ‘in whelp’ and 4 of us would soon be be born, with 2 of us joining this funny household on 14th February 2003.

Quick Fast Forward to February 2003 and Mama says to Dada “I want to keep that puppy!” Dada replies “OK, but on one condition …. you will have to show him.” “OK said Mama, no problem, it might be fun.” Dada then replied “Well, if you show him, I’ll keep the other and we’ll go walking when you two do your showing” ….. and the agreement was sealed. Suffice to say Dada never took ‘his’ boy walking, Mama ended up showing the pair of us and Dada spent those days watching football. No doubt by now you will have guessed that the two in question were me (Bobby) and Finlay.

So from 2003 until June 2006 there were 4 of us : Izzy our doggie mama, Kelpie our older sister (her brother being Gus who lived with Mama’s Mama and Dada around the corner), Me and Fin-Fin.

Then in 2006 Gus returned to the household. Mama’s human parents had crossed their own rainbow bridge (not at the same time- – long story) and quite rightly Gus returned to the house of his birth. So there was a “handful” of scotties – five in total – having a whale of a time. However tragedy in 2008 saw Kelpie crossing the Rainbow Bridge having suffered chronic renal failure – we were then down to four scotties. Mama would not want want another scottie until …… 2013.

We didn’t bat an eyelid at the addition and inclusion of Gus – he was was one really cool guy. A man’s man of scottie dogs. Mama and Dada say there’ll never ever be a scottie like Gus – so laid back, never a bad grumble, growl or snarl – apparently very much like Cesar Milan’s “Daddy”. Oh … Gus once showed his teeth and that was to a very noisy and barky Alsatian. Gus just curled his lip, gave an almighty snnnnarrrrrl and told the dog to shut up. Then Gus merrily sauntered away. Stunning. Izzy (his real Mama) tried to clean him when he rejoined us, just like she cleaned us, but he was having none of it – his ‘boy bits’ were his ‘boy bits’ to be cleaned only by him – he was sooooo proud of them!

In 2009 our ‘real mama-dog’ was offered the chance to join her babies across the rainbow bridge. Izzy had developed a mammary tumour that had eventually been removed, despite problems, but sadly it erupted three months later and the kindest, but hardest decision was taken to let her go and see her babies in that splendid garden across the ‘rainbow bridge’. Mama and Dada were heart-broken; Izzy had healed their grief many many years ago, and now, here she was leaving them to carry on alone.

So ….. in 2009 that left us three boys. Gus our brilliantly well balanced older brother, Me (a ‘go mad if I see another dog’ scottie) and Fin-Fin a decently calm Scottie. Fin-Fin had a few health problems in 2009, but bounced back and we all enjoyed life until 2012.

Gus, having celebrated his 13 birthday in February of 2012, had an illness. Mama said that he was such a healthy Scottie that he’d probably “just go out” having suffered one ‘nasty’. And so it was. He’d developed a tumour on his Spleen. He was constantly watched, literally 24 hour a day …. Mama had retired from work way back in 2007 and so she was able to be very vigilant with us, so it was not surprising that she was able to keep a very very close eye on our beloved older brother Gus. Sadly, he lost his fight with this stupid tumour on 4th July 2012 – a fitting day really – independence day – so he crossed ‘the bridge’ to be with his family … leaving me and Fin-Fin.

2009 as I said saw Finlay go through a few health problems. Mama believes this is when he may have developed the dreaded TCC – but who knows – the Vets couldn’t determine anything. But you will have seen from our Sparhawk Scottie Dog’s blog that we had a fabulous time. After Fin-Fin had his ‘boy bits’ removed in 2009 he became Mama’s lap dog – and she loved it. Scotties are not really known for being lap dogs and in the past we would, including Finlay, have been happier laying on the floor, rather than perching on a human’s lap – but something changed for Fin and he became a lap dog. It pleased Mama, they became a ‘pair’ – not that I was ignored – there were plenty of times that both of us sat with Mama and she thoroughly enjoyed both of us being there.

I won’t elaborate on Fin-Fin’s bladder cancer – you can read about that elsewhere – and Mama has said it’s still toooooo painful for her – so I’ll just say that he crossed the bridge to be with his family on 21st May 2013 …… he and the rest of the Sparhawk Clan are still desperately missed.

So, for 6 months plus, I’ve been ‘the boy’ …. ‘the bestest boy’ ….. I’ve kept Mama’s tears at bay and we’ve enjoyed each other’s company enormously.

We discussed the addition of another puppy – something Mama has not considered since 2008 ….. such a long time, but she says she was devastated by Kelpie leaving us, so I can’t force her into something she’s not ready for. So it was a big surprise for Dada and me that she brought home an 11 week old Scottie girl that we named Fabianne in November 2013.

Yeah …. you all know the rest. Fabi’s is a right little monster, but only naturally so. Her baby teeth have almost all gone now, so hopefully the need to BITE! BITE! BITE! will diminish. She means well, but is yet to put that into polite wording. I do love her …. but it’s good press to say otherwise – get’s me more sympathy, don’t you think … although now you’ve all read this I won’t get much from here on in!

So…. there you go. This is where we are at. No more Sparhawk puppies. No more legacy. Not until Fabianne is of age and Mama can hopefully find a very healthy boy for Fabi and they can have healthy scottie pups.

I know I said this was a potted history, but believe me …. the stuff Mama wanted to put in, well, you would have had to have had a week off work to read it! Not that it wasn’t boring …. nothing’s boring about scottie dogs …. it’s just that if it isn’t your scottie dog you’re reading about, then well, perhaps it’s not as interesting – know what I mean?

Anyway …. there you go. From 1 scottie to 2, then 3 …. back to 2… then immediately to 4 ….. up to 5 ….. down to 4 …… down to 3 …… down to 2 …… down to 1 ….. and today up to 2

Hope you’ve enjoyed this history lesson. The exam will take place next Tuesday 10am!

15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. We love reading about other Scotties and did not skip a single word…it did take a little longer than usual to read though because mom was having a bit of a drizz half way through. Thank you for sharing this with us Bobby.
    Wally & Sammy (and mom…who is still sniffing into a tissue)


  2. Loads of scotties! Wonderful. I, Daisy, am HER number 8 scottie, and Bella is number 9. SHE keeps thinking that there must be a ten in the near future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. Ten is such a rounded number and I’m sure ‘number ten’ is out there for you somewhere – but as I mentioned to Wally and Sammy, it’s great just watching life go on through our friends blogs. Have a great weekend girls, much love to you all and your Mama xxx


  3. Wow, with that amazing Scottie family history we can see why you are such a special Scottie Bobby and all of you with your own lovely personalities, that’s what makes dog owning such a pleasure.


    1. Thank you! I feel that I’ve had THE most wonderful life and shared nearly all of it with my very own ‘scottie family’. Mama and Dada are ok … well they’re more than ok ‘cos they let me live this wonderful life and I wouldn’t change it for anything ……. except maybe for more treats!


  4. oh, we enjoyed reading your family history! it’s just me, Edgar, the one and only Scottie so far. Mum would like another, but we live in an apartment and she’d like to have a yard before adding on to our family.

    Edgar and his mum


  5. What a great history. We read your whole story. Lee has never had wee ones in the home. It must be a joy to watch puppies from day one.
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. Mama said it’s the greatest gift ever to see babies born and to know that you’re responsible in developing their little characters. Don’t know what went wrong with me though! But she says she loves me!


  6. Lovely story. Sad about all those losses but they all lived happy lives. I always think and feel in my heart that when we lose one of our beloved friends, it is in his/her honor that we are ready to welcome another in the family; it is because he or she made us so happy and taught us that life without such a friend is not as good. I can no longer have a Scottie because at my age and how I live now in my daughter’s house I am not able to take care of a Scottie, but I so miss having one around !


  7. Thanks so much Bobby, we loves reading and hearing about the Sparhawk Scotties, how could we not like reading about you, after all Way Back When, we are related. Be sure and come over Monday, we gots a four part post in The Way Back Machine about ours!

    The Mad Scots


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