Thirsty Foto Fun

stepping stones 1

Those pesky stepping stones always caused us trouble – except for Finlay – who scampered across , no problem. But me and Gus, well Gus always fell in, and I wasn’t too clever at scampering across them like Fin and often tried to jump too far and ended up being beached.

Went across them the other day – Fabi was carried (what a baby!) and I tried to get completely across, but Mama had to come and rescue me, and as usual I ended up getting wetter than I really wanted to. However, it was worth it ‘cos we had a fabulous walk in the wonderful spring sunshine.

Does anyone else have trouble navigating stuff like stepping stones?

4 thoughts on “Thirsty Foto Fun

  1. Well we ain’t got any, we just have trouble running and barking cause we run into each other!

    The Mad Scots


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