Two Faces ….

Two FacesIt looks like Mama has been getting all her dates mixed up : posting Flashback Fridays on a Thursday. Silly Mama. Anyway, I’ve been looking through my gazllion photos and have settled on this one.

These two “half” faces (of Fabi and Mama) make one great big Happy Face!

Have a great weekend everyone – we love you all from the bottom of our great big scottie hearts!

PS: sorry for our absence, hope to come visiting next week, so I hope you’ll all be in!


6 thoughts on “Two Faces ….

  1. That is such a lovely picture, started my Friday with a smile.
    Thank you Mum and Fabi (and Bobby for the post of course)


  2. *BOL* we did notice the Flashback Friday posts happening on a Thursday butt we figured you had your reasons and we don’t care what day of the week it is when pawsome Scottie pictures are being posted!
    Have a grrrreat weekend!
    Wally & Sammy


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