Scottie Health Awareness Day

Today is the 2nd annual Scottish Terrier Health Network’s “Awareness Day”. So it’s time, once again to break out that plaid and wear it with scottie pride. Some of you “joined in” last year, by sporting tartan ribbons. If you fancy doing it again, don’t forget to send us photos for our 2014 Awareness Album.

Here’s just some of the photos from last year ….. See if you can spot a friend from blogsville ……

7 thoughts on “Scottie Health Awareness Day

  1. Oh, I see my good friend Sir William in there. I am a terrier of Scottish descent but I am not a Scottish Terrier. Whoa is me. I wish I had a tartan too. Glad there is a Scottie Health Awareness Day!


  2. I see Bobby right along side of me. That was a wonderful picture of him. I turned five this month and Lee found my first white hair. Yes are health is important.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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