Another sad report

This is too sad for words …. Rest In Peace sweet Jazzi xxxxx


Today, my friend Jazzi from Illinois crossed to the last taco stand. She was only 8½ and   I certainly didn’t expect it. When I couldn’t find a roll of special Scottie duck tape to use for my Scottiemobile licence plate mailing, Jazzi just sent me a roll. What a friend.  I’m shocked because it was unexpected, she was so young. Her family was smart-they even have a human pup named “Kyla”. I’m gonna miss her. Please stop by and honor Jazzi with a comment.

Jazzi’s big favorite was tacos. October 4-taco day should be Jazzi Memorial Taco Day. Are you listening, TPTB?

Here’s Jazzi earlier today. She made the rest of us happier. Go to the great beyond knowing you were loved here.


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