Y’all Are the Best – Thank you!

Oh boy ….. are we soooooo pleased to read this. Whatta boy. I wonder if the ‘shaved eyebrow look’ will catch on?

The Scottie Chronicles - Winston's World

at the vet

THIS JUST IN: The little man is home safe and sound. And none the worse for wear! Eyebrows? You can hardly tell the difference. A few stitches and a little groggy, but snoozing like a baby. The POTP helped him soooo much… and you know what? He didn’t even need anesthesia. Just a little painkiller. WOO HOO POTP!!!!!

If I could arroooo, I would! Signed, The Peep

Y’all are the best!

That’s what Stuart wanted me to say for him today, so here I am. The peep. (Gee, I’ve never done this before; he’s such a better blogger than I am!)

As you know, our little man is at Dr. Elliott’s to have a couple of things removed and tested today. We’re quite sure that the little growths are benign and nothing to worry about. We’re just being cautious and getting rid of them. To be on the safe side.

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