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C’mon folks, we all need the POTP for our true and loyal friend Kyla ……



The v*t called with the results. It’s not what I hoped for.  The sample taken from my leg contained melanoma. This means that it has spread and there’s no sense removing the lymph node in my leg-it wouldn’t matter.  They decided not to put me through chemo or radiation. He knew a man who underwent radiation and said it was hell. While that man was in the waiting room for his radiation treatment, he talked to a woman who was doing the same thing. The woman said that radiation was much worse than childbirth. They’re letting me finish my life naturally as long as life is good. When it becomes a burden, They’ll help me cross. I have about 3 months left but it could be as short as one month or as long as six. I’m a terrier and I don’t surrender easily so I’m going for at least…

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5 thoughts on “The news is in

  1. Yes, we are keeping our heads up for the bestest, we loves little Kyla, she is the matriarch of Blogville!

    The Mad Scots


  2. Ohh, this breaks my heart. I lost a beloved Scottie to sarcoma. He lived as long as possible in as much comfort as possible. He now lives very deep in my heart. I also send my love and prayers to Kyla and her family.

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