5 Favourite Photos

Our friends on Facebook asked us to post a favourite photo, each day for 5 days, and this is our first one, which we thought we’d share with you guys.

This photo was taken on 12th February 1999 when the last of the 4 scottie babies was born to Mama’s beloved Izzy. This litter included my older sister Kelpie, and the infamous Gus. You can see that the baby on the left is not quite dry yet. Izzy was the most attentive mother any scottie pup could have and years later, she would still clean us babies even when we had matured ….. and of course us boys loved it, except Gus!!!!

Four babies

8 thoughts on “5 Favourite Photos

  1. Ah…Mom taking care of her Babies, it’s so0 hard to believe that all of once were that small…Puppydom

    The Mad Scots


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