Thirsty Thursday

Oh No! Is those adorable babies again. It gets every Scottie Mom feeling broody! This is a photo of my older Sister “Kelpie” when she had her first and only litter of beautiful scottie pups. There were 2 brindles as you can see and 2 black pups. The daddy of these pups was a scottie owned by Gail Dixon of the Chatterdale kennel. One of these pups went to live with Mama’s good friend Maggie Crisfield Walters – she called her baby “Poppy”, and those of you who’ve been following us for years will have seen plenty of posts of us meeting up with our niece “Poppy”. Again, this one could also be placed in the “Flash Back Friday”Cagtegory ….. but as it’s my bloggie, I’m choosing to keep it in the Thirsty Thursday section. I hope you enjoy ….milk bar thirsty thursday

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