18 thoughts on “Stuart

    1. Mama can’t stop the tears ….. and now we’re all sad because she’s sad …. and the scottie kingdom is sad too. We all need a collective big hug just as Stuart’s peeps suggest. We’ll all be thinking of each other. Take care Lee and Sweet William The Scot xxx

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  1. OOHH this breaks my heart – even though we knew it was a matter of time. ohh how sad! How much I will miss Stuart ! how I will miss him. Hugs and strength to his peeps. Please convey this for me to them. -(

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  2. My peep can’t stop the tears. She really hoped Stuart would make it to the beach, but he left us his way on his own time. I am staying close to her today and won’t leave her side. She told me we will be lighting a candle tonight at 6:00 and will say a prayer for Stuart. She sure is going to miss him, but you know what? Let us all remember the smiles and chuckles he gave us and all his adventures. Let us celebrate having Stuart in our lives for a while. Now he will be in our hearts forever.


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    1. That is lovely. Mama and us did the candle too and we said a big prayer for all scotties that have crossed the bridge recently. Stuart will be welcomed, sadly, by many of his friends. But yes, lets celebrate his life with smiles and chuckles – maybe Mama will cheer up then!

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  3. We are so sad! Stu filled each day with happiness via the pictures and telling of his escapades and fun outings on his blog! We are so very sorry to hear the sad news! We hold his dear parents in our hearts, thoughts and prayers! We will miss him so much! We’ll all meet again, but Stu’s joyous and fun memories will warmly sustain us until then. Still, we will miss him very much!
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl and their Mum


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