Tayler The Wheaten Scottie

BREAKING NEWS: ……. please see new post – I’ve fixed the video clip. Apparently you could only see it if you had a Facebook account – stoopid Mama – so, for those of you who couldn’t see it, there’s a new post called ‘Wheaten Wednesday’ – thanks for your patience!

I’ve been given my own user-name – Fantastic! The two Mama’s decided that we could all share in our Sparhawk bloggie – so here’s my first post. Sorry about the quality of the video, or even if you can access it. No doubt you’ll all let me know?

15 thoughts on “Tayler The Wheaten Scottie

    1. It took some time to get Mama to understand what I was trying to do – you know those humans can be a little troublesome. Glad the video worked though. Mama did it on something called a ‘smartphone’ – How can a phone be smart …….?


  1. Facebbok holds us non-facers at bay… I cannot see it because it is from Facebook. Probably if you upload it to YouTube it will be okay… but I have imagination… So I pretend I see it.


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