Wow! It’s not often people come and visit ……. Mama! But here she is with two very special friends. I think they really came to visit us though!!! We’re far more exciting than she is!

We did try and pose, but that flashy thing got in the way!


11 thoughts on “Visitors

    1. To meet Ling Chua in person was a real honour for Mama. And Rina, hiding on the left, is also a rabid scottie lover, having owned several ‘rescues’ one of them being ‘Pan Tau’ which I’m sure you will remember.

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    1. On the left we have “Rina” from Switzerland. And the person on the right is a very very special friend “Ling” from Singapore. She had a scottie ‘Ruffles’ who also suffered from bladder cancer at the same time as Finlay. After that they became firm friends. And this year Ling visited, along with another of their special FB friends, Rina. Once in a lifetime visit. Mama’s now depressed, they’ve gone home and all she’s left with is us!

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  1. Meeting any of you two leggers and four leggers would be a treat! You look like a very fun group!…Mama would love to meet Ling too…and now she, Munchkin and Sharon are moving to Australia. Maybe she will give more of a heads up when she comes to England and we will fly across the pond, should your schedules permit.

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