It’s toofsday on a Newsday!

Oh no!, look what arrived in October. A dreaded toof brush. Apparently this one is different. No noise, just the brush being placed on the toofs. Still too scary for us though. Thank goodness its only Fabi and Tayler being ‘dealt with’ at the moment. We’d ask for prayers to help us get through this, but we think only an ‘alien abduction’ will spare us from this dreaded torture!

6 thoughts on “It’s toofsday on a Newsday!

    1. We’re used to Mama prodding and poking around, checking on things, even in our mouths, but this is just plain weird. She just puts the brush with toofpaste on it, and places it on the toof – no brushing, no scrubbing and we just sit still for 2 minutes …… looking at each other ….. with a stink eye !!!!


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