Thank Dog It’s ……

Stopped being so windy!

Last week the wind caused us Scotties lot of problems. If the wind was behind us then our bottoms were exposed – not very nice – and our beards and eyebrows wanted to overtake us and cause us not to see where we were going!

Bobby given the fallen tree a good stare!

If we were heading into the wind, then twigs, leafs and other stuff seemed to head towards us with gay abandon! Not sure which way we preferred the wind to blow. Oh Yes. We do. We’d like the wind to calm down, be sensible and do nice things like just ruffle our coats a little. Oh and not to frighten Her when a tree crashes to the ground just feet from the path we were on.

We’re not asking for much, are we?

Fin quite concerned, Gus .... not bovvered!

Thank Dog It’s Friday!

Written By Gus, Twelve and Three Quarters

Gus .... or Adam Ant?

Thought I’d just fill you in on our latest Doris (mis)adventure!

There’s plenty to tell, but those are for another day.

We set off for Stirling (Scotland) last Wednesday evening. All went well until we arrived at our overnight stopover in Shap. The leisure battery that powers the internal lights and water pumps had drained. “No bother” He said, “I’ll fix it the morning.” And so he did.

During the fixing She took us out for a stroll. Well ….. overnight the wind had picked up to gale-force fury, the rain was horizontal and you couldn’t see further than the next sniff. We heard Them say that we might have to head back home because the wind was so strong. However, we’re intrepid travellers, and Doris is 16 tonnes of …….. “beauty”  so after ablutions and stuff off we set.

Two minutes down the road, a big puddle straddled the little country lane. No problems for Doris, so through she went. Unfortunately the casing housing the batteries (to which He had been fiddling with that morning) hadn’t been shut properly, and nearly the whole of the big puddle fountained up through that casing and flooded Doris. There was at least an inch of puddled water swashing about in the kitchen area.

She screamed, He swerved, They rounded a corner and the water shot down the steps and out of some other gap!

Meanwhile, we’re comfortably positioned on the bed watching this unfold ….. and did we aroooo with laughter? Of course we did!

Through the hatch She propelled herself, squelching through the now thoroughly sodden carpets, to open our Doggie Towel Stash, then proceeded to dumped Our Towels on the floor to soak up the water. He, meanwhile, tried to find a safe placed in which to park up to help. Unfortunately this was a layby just before the motorway and so plenty of twisting country lanes were driven down, with Her being chucked from side to side trying to mop up carpets. Did we arooo (again) ….. you’ve got it ….of course we did.

Our Snoopervision paid off, and shortly after using all Our Towels, we set off to Scotland ……. with no more hitches in sight.

The stay in Stirling was most pleasant. We were all royally looked after by Their friends ….. walks, plenty of “bad” treat for us (we’re suffering now if you know what I mean!)

The return journey to England was made in a day (last Monday), because, yes, another Doris (mis)adventure occurred – the exhaust blew – so He decided to dash across the country without stopping over, just in case Doris didn’t start in the morning. At least parked up outside our house, it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t want to start …. again.

Sorry, no photos for this ….. They were too busy being worried, and we were ….. well just too busy!

So these last few days have seen Her trying to catch up with the household chores whilst endeavouring to plan for Christmas.

Us …… well we just do our stuff, just like good little Scotties should …….

Thank Dog It’s Friday!

Goodnight Kendra

We are so sorry to hear that our wonderful friend, Kendra passed across the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday. Our thoughts are with her family. Although we only passed comments between our blogs, its just like loosing one of your own. We unfortunately know the pain and sorrow they are going through and that’s why we shall be thinking of them and hoping that through their grief, they are able to remember the twelve & a half years of life they had with Kendra.

We would like to use a quotation taken from Great Scots Magazine, which sums up, certainly our feelings about our beloved Scotties. We hope you feel the same way …..

A loyal companion is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget

Goodnight Kendra …… from your faithful Sparhawk Boys

Snoopervising Scotties

SWAT's then

She has asked us if we’d mind taking a break from “blogging” for a short while. Of course we were rather upset at this, however, She’s told us that she’ll promote us to “Editing Snoopervisors” whilst She works on our sister-site

Well, this is an opportunity not to be missed – so don’t worry fur-ends, we’re not that far away. In fact we’ve not moved at all! We’re still all sitting in the same place, but now we are Editing Snoopervisors we can tell Her what to do!

We’ll pop “back” every now and then to let you know what we’re doing, but if you want to see our “Snoopervision” at work, jump over to