Snoopervising Scotties

SWAT's then

She has asked us if we’d mind taking a break from “blogging” for a short while. Of course we were rather upset at this, however, She’s told us that she’ll promote us to “Editing Snoopervisors” whilst She works on our sister-site

Well, this is an opportunity not to be missed – so don’t worry fur-ends, we’re not that far away. In fact we’ve not moved at all! We’re still all sitting in the same place, but now we are Editing Snoopervisors we can tell Her what to do!

We’ll pop “back” every now and then to let you know what we’re doing, but if you want to see our “Snoopervision” at work, jump over to


3 thoughts on “Snoopervising Scotties

    1. She’s not happy at the moment. Fin’s stuck in the Vets with possible LIVER trouble. So not good. We don’t know what to do to cheer her up, but we’ll keep trying.

      Glad to hear from you girls. Hope you are all keeping well?



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