A Snake!!! A Snake!!

Well, not the type that Kyla hunts, that’s for sure! We don’t have those kinda snakes here in the UK. Ours are little bitty grass snakes, but boy did it make Her scream! She masked it by screeching at Bobby to “wait!” “wait!” There was about a trillion of these little human “yaps” whilst Bobby scurried after said “snake”. Then She took off in a fast scurry to catch up with Bob. The “snake” circled a tree, popped it’s head out to see where Bobby was, saw him still following, and so wriggled away deeper into the undergrowth. Phew!

Bobby then concluded that there were “snakes in the grass” all over the place, and not to be outdone, Finlay wanted to find his own snake. Thank goodness he didn’t succeed with that.

Me, Gus, I just watched it all from a distance.

Talking it all in my stride …….

(PS – no photos: snake too quick, She to screechy to act sensibly!)

We’ve tidied up!

We thought our blog was a little unorganised/disorganised (both having the same meaning with our blog!!) so we’ve made Her more organised.

The top three “sliding” posts will remain the same. They are little “bio’s” about us – so if you forget what we’re like, you can just pop to the top of our blog and remind yourselves!

The other two areas will still be headed up “features” and “gossip” and contain good stuff about us – and you guys as well!

We hope you’ll continue to visit and that you’ll enjoy our “scottie stuff”.


Gus, me, I’m 13 today!

Woof! Woof! I’m a teenager today! She says its a special day, so I’ll let you know later just how special it was.

I also want to wish my litter brother William Happy Birthday too. Yup! he’s 13 as well. William and I are the last two left of a little of 4 born in to Izzy 1999. Our sister Kelpie (who lived with us) died in 2008 and our other sister who moved to Ipswich with her new family, died last October – a sad day as we remember them all very well.

But lets all remember the good times, not only of our immediate scottie family, but of all our friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Whoa! aren’t I being a philosopher – perhaps thats what happens when you reach 13!

Anyway, I’m going to wish myself (Gus) and my brother William the best of wishes today, and as woofed before, I’ll be remembering all our Scotties companions, near and far who are residing across the “Bridge”.

Hope you all have a woofly day!

PS: the card has been made by William’s Mama (She’s a very very good friend of our Mama, and we like Her alot!)

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Felly Friday!

At last! I, Gus, get to write my blog. Somehow I feel I always end up missing out. However, today I was determined that I would get on the keyboard and paw my way through this blog.

Friday is Felly Day! We always get to do this walk on a Friday because its nice and long and we’re never sure what the weather will be doing over the weekend, so we make sure we get a long one banked before hand. Below are some photos as the weather was gorgeous. It looks like summer however, you’ll see there aren’t any leaves on the trees.

Met a couple of Shih Tzu boys on the way. We were all very well behaved – most unusual, especially for Bobby as he likes to be a brawler. After sniffing and stuff we said our goodbyes and trotted off in different directions – they were the only dogs we met today. A couple of Her type of people passed us by, we we’re not too interested in them. I would be if they had any food – I like food and I’m always on the hunt for dropped stuff. It’s great when we stumble across peeps who have stopped to eat their sandwiches cos we race up to them and sniff in all their bags!

Anyway, none of that today. All the little puddles were iced over so we couldn’t get to slurp either and I was bothered about that. I ended up being very slow and at one stage She offered to carry me – how undignified! I’d rather take all day to get back to the car. Finally came to the stream which was running well and so we were allowed to have a slurp

Got home safely; had our half baths; bonio biscuits and now after this I’m off to join my brothers in an energetic afternoon of slumber and snores! I can already hear Finlay snoring ……

We’ve been “promised” snow for tomorrow, who knows, not good for us Scotties walking in snow. I hope you guys have been “promised” something more fulfilling for the weekend!

RooOOoodles to you all

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Oh My ……..

The Grooming Table Has Appeared …… From Nowhere!

Gus on grooming table - not happy!

Now then. What’s happening here. It’s raining. It’s grey. It’s thoroughly miserable weather-wise, and by the looks of it, we’re gonna be thoroughly miserable now that the Grooming Table has appeared.

She’s been muttering that if we won’t go out in the garden for a tiddle, what’s the point in going on a walk if we don’t want to go out. Now that she’s finished pampering her finger nails, she’s gonna “pamper” us.

Well. WE DON’T NEED PAMPERING! We’re Scotties for heaven’s sake! We like to be scruffy and tangled, and mattered. We like to pick the forest out of our leg furnishings at night. Especially at night when we jump on Their beds as they’re trying to sleep. It’s the best time. No distractions. House all quiet. No need to sit on sentry duty at the gate. What better time than Bedtime. They don’t think so though. Often get grumbled at. Do we care. No we don’t!We just carry on, lick, lick, tug, bite & nibble ……..

Scruffy Gus not happy

Ooops, lost the track there. Anyway, it looks like we’re gonna get “done”.

Think of us …… please, please, please, whilst we’re being –  “pampered”?????!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend


Oh My Dog ……..

It’s Friday 13th !!!!

Gus, looking "Friday 13th"

Desperately need to go for a nice walk today, as we were “holed-up” waiting for a delivery yesterday, but have realised (scary music …..) that it’s Friday 13th.

Oh well, we’ll be on the look out for fallen and crashing trees; puddles that are deeper than they appear; on coming dogs that look friendly but turn out otherwise; and generally be alert for ladders and black cats! Oh. And we hope She’s careful too ……

Please take care, all of you out there, and have a safe but enjoyable weekend!