We’ve tidied up!

We thought our blog was a little unorganised/disorganised (both having the same meaning with our blog!!) so we’ve made Her more organised.

The top three “sliding” posts will remain the same. They are little “bio’s” about us – so if you forget what we’re like, you can just pop to the top of our blog and remind yourselves!

The other two areas will still be headed up “features” and “gossip” and contain good stuff about us – and you guys as well!

We hope you’ll continue to visit and that you’ll enjoy our “scottie stuff”.


2 thoughts on “We’ve tidied up!

  1. OK. But I have trouble finding out if I’m missing out on something-I have to hunt for it and then a rabbit appears in the back yard on the other side of the glass door and I forgot what I was doing. Put the fact that you have a new post in an easy to find place. Whew-I’m not criticizing, just pointing out how this Scot thinks.


    1. You’re very right! We’ve told her this before, but She wouldn’t listen to us (it is our blog after all!!!). Anyway, you’ve hit the spot, so thank you! What we’ve got Her to do is put all our Latest posts under the heading “Scottie News”. The 3 sliders at the top shall remain constant. You need only look at them if you forget who we are! The Furs-day Foto Fun section will contain tweaked images of us. Posted on Furs-days – yeah?

      Hopefully this will not only help you in finding current stuff about us, but will also help us find current stuff about us …. ‘cos we were getting confused as well.

      Hope all’s well over there. You’ve got bunnies in your back yard? Cool!


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