A Snake!!! A Snake!!

Well, not the type that Kyla hunts, that’s for sure! We don’t have those kinda snakes here in the UK. Ours are little bitty grass snakes, but boy did it make Her scream! She masked it by screeching at Bobby to “wait!” “wait!” There was about a trillion of these little human “yaps” whilst Bobby scurried after said “snake”. Then She took off in a fast scurry to catch up with Bob. The “snake” circled a tree, popped it’s head out to see where Bobby was, saw him still following, and so wriggled away deeper into the undergrowth. Phew!

Bobby then concluded that there were “snakes in the grass” all over the place, and not to be outdone, Finlay wanted to find his own snake. Thank goodness he didn’t succeed with that.

Me, Gus, I just watched it all from a distance.

Talking it all in my stride …….

(PS – no photos: snake too quick, She to screechy to act sensibly!)

9 thoughts on “A Snake!!! A Snake!!

  1. Would have loved seeing her shrieking at the snake. If we see a snake here we can be 99.9% sure that it is poisonous. So we don’t go anywhere where there are snakes in warm weather.

    So far we only saw one–but Bella and I were right on it’s tail…SHE was glad that we were on leads.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. OMD! That’s far too scary for Her ….. and for us come to think of it, especially as we spend far too much time snuffling in the undergrowth. We’ll stick with our little bitty grass snakes …. thank you!


  2. How does She feel about lizards? We have them and one of these days I’ll get a picture of them also but they’re quick. I did bite off the tail of one and I believe the lizard regrows the tail.


    1. LIZARDS! LIZARDS! (She’ shrieking out loud even now!) That monster spider of yours was bad enough – lizards, oh no! we’d never get taken out. Again. Ever. Gus would probably fancy having a bit of one though, especially if they re-grow their tails – could be a never ending supply of food for him!


  3. Oh my I like chasing the squirrels, jumping at the birds, snapping a flys, but I have not founds a slithering snake yet.
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. We actually prefer chasing the squirrels, just like you Sweet William, but it was a change seeing something that actually didn’t fly off, or climb a tree. We could’ve made a great game of it …. if it wasn’t for the shrieking!


  4. I’m like Sweet William, I love chasing squirrels. I met a snake this weekend when I was visiting my Grandma Peep, but my Mommy picked me up too quickly to check it out!



    1. Douglas, from what we’ve been reading about snakes (Thank You Kyla and Daisy), you’re better off in your Mommy’s arms. Let’s agree to stick to chasing them pesky squirrels!


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