Gus, me, I’m 13 today!

Woof! Woof! I’m a teenager today! She says its a special day, so I’ll let you know later just how special it was.

I also want to wish my litter brother William Happy Birthday too. Yup! he’s 13 as well. William and I are the last two left of a little of 4 born in to Izzy 1999. Our sister Kelpie (who lived with us) died in 2008 and our other sister who moved to Ipswich with her new family, died last October – a sad day as we remember them all very well.

But lets all remember the good times, not only of our immediate scottie family, but of all our friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Whoa! aren’t I being a philosopher – perhaps thats what happens when you reach 13!

Anyway, I’m going to wish myself (Gus) and my brother William the best of wishes today, and as woofed before, I’ll be remembering all our Scotties companions, near and far who are residing across the “Bridge”.

Hope you all have a woofly day!

PS: the card has been made by William’s Mama (She’s a very very good friend of our Mama, and we like Her alot!)

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6 thoughts on “Gus, me, I’m 13 today!

    1. She updated our Twitter account yesterday, but I think we’ll make Her take your advice and leave me as being forever a 12.5 year old Scottie!

      PS might change that to 12 ‘cos She can’t do a “half” like you’ve done. Oh well …. She’s only a human after all!!!!


  1. OK-Here’s a birthday present for you. My typist uses Linux and it is easy. If your typist uses Windows, it’s just a touch harder. Go ahead and try it:

    1) Make certain your “num lock” is on and your cursor is where you want the ½.
    2) Hold down the ALT key and type the following numbers on your numeric keypad 171 (not the top row of your regular keys). Only a few notebooks don’t have a keypad on the right. Keep the ALT key depressed while you do all three numbers.
    3) You can do a bunch of special characters-look at!


    1. Thank you for that. She’s had a go, but it didn’t work ‘cos She uses a “Mac” so we had to translate your advice for Her and made Her look elsewhere, and guess what, we, thats us Scotties, found it ….. look ….. ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½. It’s not as easy as your method, but now we’ve told Her where it is, She’ll be able to do it properly in the future. Thanks again …. woof woof


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