Oh My Dog ……..

It’s Friday 13th !!!!

Gus, looking "Friday 13th"

Desperately need to go for a nice walk today, as we were “holed-up” waiting for a delivery yesterday, but have realised (scary music …..) that it’s Friday 13th.

Oh well, we’ll be on the look out for fallen and crashing trees; puddles that are deeper than they appear; on coming dogs that look friendly but turn out otherwise; and generally be alert for ladders and black cats! Oh. And we hope She’s careful too ……

Please take care, all of you out there, and have a safe but enjoyable weekend!


2 thoughts on “Oh My Dog ……..

  1. We had a bit of trouble today…..just being terriers. So the 13th hasn’t been too bad for us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy


    1. Hope you girls are ok. Dictionary definition of terriers should just read “trouble”. We’ve managed, got into trouble from Her though ….. taking toooooo long to sniiiif bits of grass – hey ho, we don’t care, we’re Terriers! Hope you have a good weekend ladies.



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