Thank Dog It’s ……

Stopped being so windy!

Last week the wind caused us Scotties lot of problems. If the wind was behind us then our bottoms were exposed – not very nice – and our beards and eyebrows wanted to overtake us and cause us not to see where we were going!

Bobby given the fallen tree a good stare!

If we were heading into the wind, then twigs, leafs and other stuff seemed to head towards us with gay abandon! Not sure which way we preferred the wind to blow. Oh Yes. We do. We’d like the wind to calm down, be sensible and do nice things like just ruffle our coats a little. Oh and not to frighten Her when a tree crashes to the ground just feet from the path we were on.

We’re not asking for much, are we?

Fin quite concerned, Gus .... not bovvered!

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