Felly Friday!

At last! I, Gus, get to write my blog. Somehow I feel I always end up missing out. However, today I was determined that I would get on the keyboard and paw my way through this blog.

Friday is Felly Day! We always get to do this walk on a Friday because its nice and long and we’re never sure what the weather will be doing over the weekend, so we make sure we get a long one banked before hand. Below are some photos as the weather was gorgeous. It looks like summer however, you’ll see there aren’t any leaves on the trees.

Met a couple of Shih Tzu boys on the way. We were all very well behaved – most unusual, especially for Bobby as he likes to be a brawler. After sniffing and stuff we said our goodbyes and trotted off in different directions – they were the only dogs we met today. A couple of Her type of people passed us by, we we’re not too interested in them. I would be if they had any food – I like food and I’m always on the hunt for dropped stuff. It’s great when we stumble across peeps who have stopped to eat their sandwiches cos we race up to them and sniff in all their bags!

Anyway, none of that today. All the little puddles were iced over so we couldn’t get to slurp either and I was bothered about that. I ended up being very slow and at one stage She offered to carry me – how undignified! I’d rather take all day to get back to the car. Finally came to the stream which was running well and so we were allowed to have a slurp

Got home safely; had our half baths; bonio biscuits and now after this I’m off to join my brothers in an energetic afternoon of slumber and snores! I can already hear Finlay snoring ……

We’ve been “promised” snow for tomorrow, who knows, not good for us Scotties walking in snow. I hope you guys have been “promised” something more fulfilling for the weekend!

RooOOoodles to you all

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4 thoughts on “Felly Friday!

  1. It looks like fun except for the no-food part. They would never let me run free because of the coyotes. With Their poor hearing and eyesight, even my peeps know they’re there. Sometimes there’s coyote poop on the front porch. Kenzie and I try to tell Them about the coyotes, but They won’t let us out to challenge them. I guess that’s why Kenzie and I are still living.


    1. The most exciting animal around these parts are foxes. But they never come visiting us, although they do visit next door cos they leave food out for them. It’s usually around 2am when the foxes come calling, and we shoot out the dog-flap to watch and of course alert the neighbours with a yap or three ….. its a wonder we’re still living! Glad to hear that your Peeps are looking after your backs!


  2. Fantastic walk! Such beautiful countryside….we’d love to walk there. Bet there are loads of intriguing smells.

    XXXoOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy


    1. The best smells, I’ve been told, are those of the pesky squirrel! Bobby & Fin try and chase them, but end up just running round and round the tree yapping like girlie dogs (sorry girls, but they do!) with the squirrel scampering above them. Me, I just plod along, sniffing the grass, and reading the pee-mail! Mmmmm …… wonderful!


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