Finally …..?

We’re back …… well nearly. Still stuff to do in the garden, so They won’t let us loose on the computer un-snoopervised !!!

Here’s just a few pics of what They’ve done. We might get chance next week to fill you in.

Trust all our fur-ends and anipals are ok out there. Been checking up on a few of you, especially Stuart over at the Scottie Chronicles – what a lad!!

Well, weather’s good here, hope you all have a great weekend


6 thoughts on “Finally …..?

    1. They’ve put in the 4 small koi carp fish from the tiny front pond, and added more fishy friends. There’s 23 of them all distracting Her from attending to our every needs! Still, we get to sit out in the back garden more, watching them pesky fish!


    1. It took Them 2 whole days! If They’d asked us we could’ve done it in a matter of hours (as you know, we Scotties like a bit of digging ……!)

      RooOOoodles & thanks for visiting us Joan. Come back sooooOOooon.


  1. Wow the garden looks great! I’ve just dug a splendid hole in our garden but my mum didn’t seem to appreciate it. Maybe we need a pond …….Woofs Bertie. x


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