Finlay has Cushings !!!

Don’t I just look sooooo cute!

Is there no end to the bad news? What with the loss of our own beloved Gus, but Kenzie, Kyla’s best buddy seems to be quite ill as well, we now get told that Finlay has got Cushings.

Thank dog-ness that we’ve changed Vets. Our new one’s are brilliant, we cannot praise them enough. The original vets had been concentrating on Finlay’s liver for the last 6-8 months. We move to a new Vet and within days get a new diagnosis and treatment to help.

We’ve been given the usual Vetoryl medication and he’s to go back in 10 days time for another blood test to determine the right dosage …..

If there’s a “Dog God” up there, please STOP all this suffering and anguish ….. NOW!

Finally …..?

We’re back …… well nearly. Still stuff to do in the garden, so They won’t let us loose on the computer un-snoopervised !!!

Here’s just a few pics of what They’ve done. We might get chance next week to fill you in.

Trust all our fur-ends and anipals are ok out there. Been checking up on a few of you, especially Stuart over at the Scottie Chronicles – what a lad!!

Well, weather’s good here, hope you all have a great weekend


We’re still here

Just in case anyone was wondering where we are ……. we’re still here but They are doing a major garden makeover on the back garden and so we have to supervise them to make sure They are doing is right!

Here’s just a few shots of how little progress They have(n’t) made!

We’ll keep you posted every now and then.

Is it your Scottie’s Birthday?

Three Sparhawk Boys (Bobby Fin & Gus)

Please join in with us to add your Scotties name and birthday to our Scottie Birthday Calendar.

All we need is the name of your Scottie and his/her birthday e.g. Hamish, 23rd August.

On the day of the Birthday we shall “post” a birthday message to your Scottie to be shared by anipals and fur-ends.

To join in this fun, you can do one of the following:

  1. Leave us a comment
  2. Send us an email :
  3. Tweet us on @sparhawkscottie
  4. Or if you have a google calendar account, you can enter your details directly onto the calendar shown on our Scottie Birthday Page (we think!)

Let us start building up our own birthday events, just like our Peeps do on Facebook, and we can celebrate our Scottie-ness between ourselves!

We hope you are able to join us and we will look forward to posting a birthday message to you all.

RooOOOooodles, The Sparhawk Boys



Home Sweet Home?!

Lady Doris, Birchwood Farm campsite

Meet Lady Doris.

She is our Home from Home, our wonderful vintage motorhome.

They took us camping at the weekend. Far too many two-legged folks around and only us three Scottie Lads – a bit too one sided for our liking.

We had some lovely morning walks through the Birch woods bordering the campsite  and a couple of much longer ones as well.

We walked to Cromford from the campsite. Cromford in Derbyshire is the site of Sir Richard Arkwright‘s first and most important cotton mill. He pioneered the development of his water frame spinning machine and revolutionised the manufacture of cloth, thereby laying one of the cornerstones of the Industrial Revolution. You can read more by jumping over here ……..

The only time we were “inside” was to sleep – so we were all very tired by the time we got home Sunday evening. However that DID NOT STOP US from wanting to go out for our usual morning walk this morning. We made her feel guilty by looking miserable and moping around and so eventually this afternoon, She took pity on us and off we trotted.

It’s now evening and time to blog. We hope you enjoyed this little history lesson – must go and find some Scottish Pioneers ‘cos we are Scottish after all!!

Here’s some photos of what They got up to, with a few photos of us thrown in for good measure!

That is NOT my Name

Gus, our gentle-man

I am demanding the return of my name. Yeah, its a good solid Scottish name (shortened from Angus) but They have now christened me Will Sniff.

Will Sniff …….. why, I hear you ask?

Well, you all know just how stubborn we Scots can be when out doing our stuff. Wanting to stop every five paces. Wanting to pee every 6 paces. And just wanting to stop …… for, what seems to Them, NOTHING! But ho! if they had our noses, They’d be stopping all the time.

Apparently, They say  I am a Gold Medal Winner in the art of STOPPING. I can do an Emergency Stop better than any driver. But the thing that annoys Them the most, is that when I STOP, I then walk another 5 paces BEFORE SNIFFING !!!!! So what’s wrong with that?

I can sniiiiifffff a blade of grass for hours on end; She has to return quite regularly to hurry me along. Bobby and Fin just love it as it makes our walks longer and sniffing soooooo enjoyable!

However, if I am to have a name change I’ll only consider the following: Angus (My Sunday and Being Told Off Name), Gussie (When I’ve done something Cute) or Big Man (the one I like the best!)

So although I agree that Will Sniff is an amusing AKA for me, I’d much rather remain Gus …. or Big Man ….. or maybe Will Sniff for those more amusing days of mine!

Roooodles to you all from us Sparhawk Boys.