That is NOT my Name

Gus, our gentle-man

I am demanding the return of my name. Yeah, its a good solid Scottish name (shortened from Angus) but They have now christened me Will Sniff.

Will Sniff …….. why, I hear you ask?

Well, you all know just how stubborn we Scots can be when out doing our stuff. Wanting to stop every five paces. Wanting to pee every 6 paces. And just wanting to stop …… for, what seems to Them, NOTHING! But ho! if they had our noses, They’d be stopping all the time.

Apparently, They say  I am a Gold Medal Winner in the art of STOPPING. I can do an Emergency Stop better than any driver. But the thing that annoys Them the most, is that when I STOP, I then walk another 5 paces BEFORE SNIFFING !!!!! So what’s wrong with that?

I can sniiiiifffff a blade of grass for hours on end; She has to return quite regularly to hurry me along. Bobby and Fin just love it as it makes our walks longer and sniffing soooooo enjoyable!

However, if I am to have a name change I’ll only consider the following: Angus (My Sunday and Being Told Off Name), Gussie (When I’ve done something Cute) or Big Man (the one I like the best!)

So although I agree that Will Sniff is an amusing AKA for me, I’d much rather remain Gus …. or Big Man ….. or maybe Will Sniff for those more amusing days of mine!

Roooodles to you all from us Sparhawk Boys.

4 thoughts on “That is NOT my Name

  1. I know what you mean. I’m bertie the scottie dog. They drive me insane! What is wrong with a good sniff! Smart beard by the way! Bertie. X


  2. We have lots of nicknames….some not so nice. Kendra is our sniffer. You can’t hurry her along. And I, Daisy, like to just stop to look around. SHE gets cranky since I like to stop in the middle of streets……you never know when you’ll see a sneaky cat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


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