Wildlife Wednesday

Hedgehog at Westwood

We three Sparhawk Scotties are very privileged to be not only living with two wonderful humans, but in a nearly nice village, in the country, in a bungalow that borders several fields. So of course, we get to see a lot of wildlife in our own garden.

This lovely little hedgehog was noticed patrolling our front garden on Sunday. Mum obviously dropped everything (she was supposed to be feeding the baby koi carp) ran in for the camera and our pot of freshly cooked chicken …. how very dare she. Anyway, the little hedgehog was allowed to eat as much as it wanted, then it waddled off, under the gate. Mum followed it to make sure it made its way to relative safety – one of the hedgerows bordering the farmers field.

We’ll keep looking out for it, or rather Mum will ‘cos we’re quite partial to barking a lot when visitors like hedgehogs visit, and She says that we frighten them off.

We’ll keep you “posted” ha-ha if it happens to pay further visits.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday

  1. How cute! We’d love to see a hedgehog. We’d bark, too. Sometimes we see kangaroos on our walks….but mostly birds. (I, Daisy, actually chased a kangaroo last year!)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Hope your Mum saved you a bit of chicken.


    1. Wow a kanagroo! We’d love to see a Kangaroo. Not much hope of that on our walks though. However, did you know there’s some wild wallaby’s in the south of England.

      We made sure she saved OUR chicken for us, although she keeps putting bits out at night for the little hedgehog, just in case …. and we don’t mind …. really (we think!!)



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