Finlay and the Cygnet

Just how close can a Scottie and a Cygnet get …….

Finlay & the Cygnet

Meet Finlay’s new friend. This is one of a group FIVE cygnets, followed closely by their parents. It’s been a fantastic sight on the Reservoir to see all SEVEN gracefully moving around the reservoir. Although now, the parents are trying to encourage their babies to find their own way, and one of the cygnets is now not allowed near the rest of them!

We regularly share bread with them, the ducks, coots and gulls, but are disappointed that She gives the Reservoir Residents all the bread and we don’t get any! Other than those crumbs that don’t make it into the water.

What new friends have you guys been making …..

Shortest Day

by Finlay

Well, it’s finally here, and we’ve only just remembered! Yes the Shortest Day. Summer time begins tomorrow with the days getting longer – yippee!

She took us for a walk. Gus chose his favourite walk, as he would. It’s NOT mine. I get attacked by all the twigs and ITS NOT FUN!

Gus also got told off (hoooray!) He found a nice stick and began to eat it. She caught him at it and he looked forlorn. He should be more careful next time and hide it more carefully in his straggly beard. Bob got his bottom very wet as he tried to get across the very sodden stepping stones. He’s so manic, if he slowed down he’d manage it properly, but no, not our, he tacks and yaws across the pathways at  100 miles per hour at the very minimum, and does just the same trying to get across the stepping stones.

Saw some wildlife: Greater Spotted Woodpecker, lots of tiny Long Tailed Tits (one of Her’s favourites), umpteen crows, several Magpies. The ground was very boggy ‘cos it was 11 degrees – can you believe it. This time last year we were under about 3 foot of snow and about minus 1 degree – brrrrrr! But today, The Shortest Day, it was like summer! Had to have our half-baths though ‘cos we were a little muddy – only a little though. I stole Gus’s towel before he was taken out of the bath and got a right telling off!

I’ve heard Her say we’re gonna get a Christmas Trim – well isn’t She a little late, what with Summer starting tomorrow, tee! hee! We’ll do something to distract Her ‘cos you know we guys are “Scotties Against Grooming” – we ain’t gonna let that little campaign go away. No doubt  there’ll be a post before the end of the week with photos – yuk!

Got some photos for y’all, so have a yap, woof and arooodle at us on our walk today!

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New Walk 1st Sept

Wow! A New Walk.

They have only lived here for 15 years and this is the first time that We’ve been on this walk. They’ve talked about it often enough, and finally on 1st September She took us rambling around Codnor Reservoir.

It’s a circular walk. The Reservoir is there doing it’s stuff (whatever that is), but it also seems to be a place for Fishing. There’s lots of little places for people to set up their rods and stuff.

We had to cross a bridge. “So” we hear you say, “what’s wrong with that?”  But this bridge wasn’t like any other bridge we’ve crossed. It’s made of silver stuff, like aluminium or something. It had little holes cut into it. As soon as our paws felt the air beneath them, we virtually ground to a halt! She turned round to see what our problem was and found us “commando crawling” on our bellies! She was walking backwards, laughing at us for crawling and making ourselves as long as possible. We realised how silly we were being just before She remembered the camera! So sorry folks – no pictures of commando crawling scotties this time!

Dignity restored, we trotted swiftly on.

We saw two adult swans and five cygnets …. yes, five cygnets. There were other ducks as well. One of the swans decided it didn’t like one of the ducks and so chased it away. Well not quite away, but away enough!

She had hoped to see the terrapin, basking on his tyre. Apparently he was “set loose” many many years ago and he’s now become legendary! Unfortunately for Her, She didn’t see him, but we heard Her say that we’d keep visiting. She’s been told that he only climbs onto his tyre when it’s very sunny, so she’s hoping for a few more sunny days before the end of the year – fat chance of that!

One good thing for us though, She’s decided that we need a New Walk each month – Yap! Yap! That’d be brill.

Here’s a few pictures of our New Walk

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Wildlife Wednesday

Hedgehog at Westwood

We three Sparhawk Scotties are very privileged to be not only living with two wonderful humans, but in a nearly nice village, in the country, in a bungalow that borders several fields. So of course, we get to see a lot of wildlife in our own garden.

This lovely little hedgehog was noticed patrolling our front garden on Sunday. Mum obviously dropped everything (she was supposed to be feeding the baby koi carp) ran in for the camera and our pot of freshly cooked chicken …. how very dare she. Anyway, the little hedgehog was allowed to eat as much as it wanted, then it waddled off, under the gate. Mum followed it to make sure it made its way to relative safety – one of the hedgerows bordering the farmers field.

We’ll keep looking out for it, or rather Mum will ‘cos we’re quite partial to barking a lot when visitors like hedgehogs visit, and She says that we frighten them off.

We’ll keep you “posted” ha-ha if it happens to pay further visits.


Look what woke us up this morning

We all trundled to the front gate, bleary eyed, to see what all the honking was all about. We thought Geese had landed. And this is what we saw!

Then we sent Mum back for the camera.

He strutted up and down our little road, probably looking for food. Mum wanted to feed him, but Dad thought that being woken at 06:30 each day with a honking Peacock wouldn’t keep our neighbours happy.

Anyway, Peacock only lives across the field, so he wasn’t far from home.

What unusual sounds have woken you up recently. Why not share them with us.

Finally, apologies for the double dose today, but we wanted to share this one too!