Look what woke us up this morning

We all trundled to the front gate, bleary eyed, to see what all the honking was all about. We thought Geese had landed. And this is what we saw!

Then we sent Mum back for the camera.

He strutted up and down our little road, probably looking for food. Mum wanted to feed him, but Dad thought that being woken at 06:30 each day with a honking Peacock wouldn’t keep our neighbours happy.

Anyway, Peacock only lives across the field, so he wasn’t far from home.

What unusual sounds have woken you up recently. Why not share them with us.

Finally, apologies for the double dose today, but we wanted to share this one too!

2 thoughts on “Peacock!

  1. Very strange. We were thinkin’ goose, too, when you said honking. We usually get awakened by squawking cockatoos and kookaburras…..this morning it’s the garbage truck.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


    1. Kookaburra’s …… wow Mum would love that! We have a photo of her with a Kookaburra – she got to fly it some years ago – we’ll find it and post it on the blog.

      Have you not yet taught the cockatoo’s to speak yet, rather than squawking?

      Spooky … our bin men came yesterday too!

      Hope you girls are keeping well …. Rooodles!


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