Home Sweet Home?!

Lady Doris, Birchwood Farm campsite

Meet Lady Doris.

She is our Home from Home, our wonderful vintage motorhome.

They took us camping at the weekend. Far too many two-legged folks around and only us three Scottie Lads – a bit too one sided for our liking.

We had some lovely morning walks through the Birch woods bordering the campsite  and a couple of much longer ones as well.

We walked to Cromford from the campsite. Cromford in Derbyshire is the site of Sir Richard Arkwright‘s first and most important cotton mill. He pioneered the development of his water frame spinning machine and revolutionised the manufacture of cloth, thereby laying one of the cornerstones of the Industrial Revolution. You can read more by jumping over here ……..

The only time we were “inside” was to sleep – so we were all very tired by the time we got home Sunday evening. However that DID NOT STOP US from wanting to go out for our usual morning walk this morning. We made her feel guilty by looking miserable and moping around and so eventually this afternoon, She took pity on us and off we trotted.

It’s now evening and time to blog. We hope you enjoyed this little history lesson – must go and find some Scottish Pioneers ‘cos we are Scottish after all!!

Here’s some photos of what They got up to, with a few photos of us thrown in for good measure!

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