Happy Birthday Bertie

This is to wish our fur-end Bertie a Happy Birthday. He’s 2 years old today. His Mum and Dad are taking him to Bangor for the Races. But they’ve said that he cannot join in – boo-hoo!

Oh Well, it’s for the best.

Hope you are having a great day Bertie



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bertie

  1. Hi! Bertie here. What a great birthday I have had. Thank you for the card! You are great pals. I got a kennel for my birthday, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with it yet but I keep looking at it and having a bark.
    The races were great! we took a picnic and I had lots of fun. The horses were huge! I’m going to take to Mum and Dads bed now as I’m exhausted! It’s fab being two.

    Hope you all have a good weekend with big walkies!

    Your fur-end Bertie xx


    • Hi Bertie,

      So glad you enjoyed your birthday! Those races sound great. Must get our peeps to take us one day.

      We went camping this weekend with too many two-legged folk and not enough doggies! But we enjoyed it all the same.

      Lots of Rooooodles to you Bertie

      Woofs from Gus, Bobby and Finlay xx


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