Flashback Friday

Wow! Now then. This is ‘The Old Man of Storr’ on the Isle of Skye (apparently our ancestral home if you believe some of the history books). The Old Man of Storr is the monolith type structure, so I’m told! My real Mama (Izzy) and sister Kelpie had actually been up there. Mama thinks this was taken in or around 1997 or 1998.  Their little sturdy legs carried them right up to the ‘cathedral’ and beyond. Although I have been to the Isle of Skye, this is one majestic icon that I didn’t get to leave any pee-mail on – and according to Mama I never shall ‘cos she says her legs are far too old to walk up there again – boooooring!

Old Man of Storr

Flashback Fridays

English: Bay inside Sandaig Islands, "Cam...
English: Bay inside Sandaig Islands, “Camusfearna” This was the home of Gavin Maxwell and where he wrote “Ring of Bright Water”. After he died, the house was pulled down but there is a memorial to him on a boulder in the middle of the grassy area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Camusfearna, or Sandaig in the Isle of Skye, was once the home of Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water. Our visits to the Isle of Skye, way back then, were regular. You couldn’t pass up a visit to this most beautiful of places. Such tranquility – until you see a pack of Scotties appearing along the forestry commision footpath!

If ever you get to the Isle of Skye you must visit this place. Sadly there’s nothing left due to a fire, but a Rowan Tree and a monument to Edal, one of Maxwell’s famous otters who sadly died in this fire. However, if you’ve read Maxwell’s books the atmosphere is heavy with memories of all those that lived in this beautiful place.

This is our photo – from the opposite side.  No scotties in this photo, but rest assured we were there.


Dunkeld, Scotland

We’ve been to Scotland. He had work to do up there recently and suggested we tag along. One day We took Him to work in Perth, then drove on to Dunkeld, to explore The Hermitage. There were some lovely Forestry Commission trails, and She wanted to see and walk on one of the Old Military Roads built by General Wade between 1720 and 1730.

We’d hope to spot some other Scotties, but as usual we were the only two in Scotland! Some two-legged scottish accented person actually asked whether we were “Westies” or “Highland Terriers” We ask you, don’t they know their own “national” dog!! Anyway, She put them right and off we trotted.

Several hours and 5.6 miles later, we returned to collect Him from the office. We tell him how lovely it was and so returned with Him a couple of days later.

We made sure we followed S.C.O.T.

Here’s some photos of us paddling in the River Tay; confronting the biggest bird we’ve ever seen and leaving him some pee-mail, to show no ill feelings; plodding along the Old Military Road; trying to photograph Europe’s tallest tree; and widest girth tree;

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We’ve added some recommended links ‘cos you might get chance to visit. One day. Maybe. And you’ll want know what to look out for.

What we liked about this walk …

  • It was a new walk. A very long way from home though!
  • Can’t do it too regularly.
  • We learnt some new stuff. History type stuff.
  • We like learning new stuff. Really.
  • We like Scotland. A lot
  • It was sunny. All day. Surprising for Scotland. In October