Flashback Fridays

English: Bay inside Sandaig Islands, "Cam...
English: Bay inside Sandaig Islands, “Camusfearna” This was the home of Gavin Maxwell and where he wrote “Ring of Bright Water”. After he died, the house was pulled down but there is a memorial to him on a boulder in the middle of the grassy area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Camusfearna, or Sandaig in the Isle of Skye, was once the home of Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water. Our visits to the Isle of Skye, way back then, were regular. You couldn’t pass up a visit to this most beautiful of places. Such tranquility – until you see a pack of Scotties appearing along the forestry commision footpath!

If ever you get to the Isle of Skye you must visit this place. Sadly there’s nothing left due to a fire, but a Rowan Tree and a monument to Edal, one of Maxwell’s famous otters who sadly died in this fire. However, if you’ve read Maxwell’s books the atmosphere is heavy with memories of all those that lived in this beautiful place.

This is our photo – from the opposite side.  No scotties in this photo, but rest assured we were there.


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