Agnes Martimm of Sparhawk

Agi joined us in January 1991. She was a very choosy dog where humans were concerned. She was a part of my family before I finally met Mr Right. She actually chose him for me, as my mum (God rest her soul) would have told you. She didn’t like my other boyfriends, but when the right one came along – she knew, long before I did! There’s something about a dogs 6th sense, and Agi had a plentiful supply of it.

For example, when walking in woods not too far from home, she suddenly stopped and would go no further. So, I chose a different route. We were accompanied by Izzy (my second scottie) and Kelpie (Izzy’s daughter). They thought nothing of Agi’s hesitancy and carried on sniffing.

As the day was wonderfully sunny and dry, I thought to try a different route in the same woods. No sooner had we started on that path, Agi planted her feet firmly on the ground, implying that she was going nowhere.

I decided at that time to acknowledge Agi’s concern. Did an about turn and the three Scots and me high tailed it back to the car. I never did find out if anything funny was happening in the woods – but rest assured, after episode  if she didn’t want to go, we called it a day.

She also knew when Thunder and Lightening was closing in. I often had to chase her through woods to calm her down, not knowing why she was so spooked, then to suddenly be surprised by the rumbling of thunder.

She had three litters in her time. I’m sure though that now all the puppies have joined her in the gardens over the Rainbow Bridge.

Her placid, but choosy character, made it a must for me to continue living with Scotties. I’ve come across plenty with a more boisterous, shall we say, character, which might have put me off them, but it is testimony to Agi’s breeding that I am still living with Scotties distantly related to her. God Bless her Soul. One day we shall all be together in that wonderful garden over the rainbow bridge.

Agnes Martimm, November 11 1990 – 2nd December 2002

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