Little Miss Tittle-Tattle of Sparhawk

Izzy was a wonderful Scot. She got on with Agi from the moment she joined our family (Agi being 7 at the time). Not a bad growl was had between the pair of them.

Izzy was more of a “traditional looking scottie” – slightly longer in the back than the shorter “show ring type” scots of the day.

She had three litters (4 pups, 3 pups, 4 pups). Produced 11 pups in all, 9 boys and 2 girls! One of the girls from the 1st litter we kept and called her Kelpie. My Mum and Dad (God Bless ’em) bought Gus (who is now back with us) and from the final litter of 4 boys, we kept Bobby and Finlay. At one time we were a family of 5 Scotties and 2 humans.

Izzy was a wonderful mother to her pups. A self whelper, she excelled at mothering. To the extent that she would still clean Bobby and Finlay when they were fully matured boys – they didn’t mind! She tried this with Gus when he joined us, but he was having none of it. He was a man’s man!

Izzy eventually succumbed to mammary tumours in February 2009 and is sorely missed.

Little Miss Tittle-Tattle of Sparhawk 20th July 1997 – 3 February 2009

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