How devious is your Mum!

Begging for Bonios

I know, we’ve yet to do our morning ablutions! Yes its late afternoon, but have you noticed the weather! Too wet for Ducks if you ask us.

Anyway, Mum thinks we need to go out and she know’s we won’t so the cheeky monkey opened the kitchen door to the garden and threw out Bonio biscuits for us to get.

We all dashed out, as quick as ….. something, and came back in. Finlay was very slow, trying to dodge the downpour. Bobby stood guarding the doorway back into the kitchen so Fin couldn’t get in and then . . . . and then he stole the bonio biscuit out of Fin’s mouth!

Well Mum creased up with laughter; I, Gus stood well back, having dashed out and retrieved my Bonio in double quick time – I might be enormous in size, but I’m very nimble on my feet. Mum, the soppy thingy, then gave Fin another biscuit. All this joviality brought Dad out of the lounge and then HE joined in.

Anyway, we’re all back in the house, settled down and drying off, and legs still tightly crossed!

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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