SWAT’s new?

Well, we’ve been swatting like good little scotties. Oh, you were thinking about us doing homework to learn stuff, weren’t you. No, no, no! We Scotties know all the stuff that is to know! What we mean is SWAT-ting. We’ve been SWAT-ting in our own garden.

It’s not that the forest we walk in everyday isn’t of interest, it’s just nice to let you know what goes on in our own garden.

So, the second brood of blackbirds fledged a couple of weeks ago now – there’s some pictures we got Mum to take for us. She’s getting better at photography, but that’s ‘cos we’ve taught her stuff!

The Wood Pigeons have made a nest of some kind in the Laburnum tree in the front garden. Mum thinks the lady Wood Pidgeon might be thinking about laying an egg or two. We hope it’ll be safe up there as the nest just looks like a raft – I suppose they know better.

The Wrens fledged whilst we were camping at the beginning of the June. Mum was disappointed not to see them go, but she’s got loads of photos from previous years – once you’ve see one, surely you’ve seen them all! Shhh ….. she’s not got Scottie Sense like us.

Mum treats all the birds with home made fat balls. Sometimes I think she forgets that it’s us she should be concentrating on us!

The Robins have been feeding their fledgling. Seems funny to us as all the baby birds look a lot bigger than their mama’s and papa’s.

Our neighbours are equally mad about wildlife – they have resident hedgehogs; this makes mum unhappy as they only pop into our garden very infrequently. She says is ‘cos of us that they don’t spend too long, although they make no bones about eating our cooked chicken she puts out for them.

We seem to have attracted lots of bees that swarm around our woodpile. This has at least kept Gus away from munching on a log or two, although there’s evidence that he’s still raiding the woodpile, bees or no bees.

Scottie Round-up

  • Mum likes wildlife and sitting in the garden watching it
  • This means we get to sit outside and watch it too
  • The Birds get special treatment from Mum as well. How very dare she!
  • We get to see lots of baby birds
  • No hedgehogs though
  • It’s fun Swat-ting in our own garden
  • You should try it!
  • Let us know how you get on?

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