Happy Half Birthday!

Gus 12 and a half today


Gus is 12 and a half years old today. The photo above was taken on his Birthday Walk back in February (post is on Scottie Dog News site)

We had a little panic with him last night though. He started shaking and his ears were at half mast and he walked with a severe limp! We were very concerned. His pads were checked for alien objects, but nothing of concern was found. He just tried to curl up and make himself comfortable. When offered chicken, as a small treat to see what his reactions were, he bunny hopped, wobbled and limped on three legs very quickly to get it! So, we thought that perhaps he’d twisted his back leg when jumping up onto the settee.

This morning though all seems fine! He did his usual moaning and groaning to get his peeps out of bed to make his breakfast. And he was able to do his bunny-wave. Thank Dog for that!

At the moment he is back to being miserable, in fact we are all miserable because we’ve been told that we’re not going on a walk just yet. She wants to see whether the limp has really gone. He is 12 and a half, and so She says more care must be taken with our Grand Old Man!

Hey ho! We’ll just get in Her way as she tidies up the house for the weekend – perhaps She’ll get so annoyed with us messing up as She tidies up that She’ll take us out instead – there’s hope for three wonderfully behaved Scotties!

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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