In Memory

William, Sparhawk Storm from the West

12th February 1999 – 28th February 2012

It is with a heart heavier than lead that we report the passing across the Rainbow Bridge of our brother William, today at 5pm.

He had been unwell for some time, but the Vets could not pinpoint or identify anything concrete. Therefore they struggled with a prognosis. Don’t get us wrong, he was on plenty of “sweeties” as She calls them : Denamarin for his Liver, Thyroid tablets, Bile tablets and apparently plenty of other things.

He became seriously unwell last Friday and since then had not really taken to eating at all. He was skin and bone by then, so with not being able to eat this week, he became more and more weak.

His Mama texted us last night with :

Thank you for such an amazing and handsome dog. He’s a star

Gus is the surviving Scottie from this litter. Our beloved sister Kelpie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2008; Tali our other sister (who lived in Ipswich) followed in October 2011 with William joining them today.

William’s Mama is a very good and dear friend of us and our Mama. They both sobbed yesterday when they realised that William’s time was close. It is unbearable this evening ….

Here’s only a few photos ….

3 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. With all our love we are so very sorry….at the bridge…all we can say is what we say to every noble scottie and the people he or she owned……waiting for you at the bridge.
    Hugs, Nancy and her two scotties, Angus and Becky


  2. I certainly can’t click “like this post”. Hey, I’m next. I’m almost 10 and have always thought of myself as a “10” all my life. Thank God, my peeps still think of me as a puppy. The worst thing about ScottieBogging is finding new friends who leave you too soon. I’ll give a big AROOO for you now. Will you give a big one for me when I join you?


  3. It’s so sad when one of our family and friends have to leave us. We’re sending you hugs. We know you’ll remember William always.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy


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