Gus is very poorly

Gus, our gentle-man

Unfortunately our gentle giant, Gus, has a tumour on his spleen and something not quite right with his prostate. At 13+ years old They have decided an operation is out of the question. He is being made extremely comfortable and is being pampered more than usual. We don’t know how long we’ve got him for, so we are enjoying every day as it comes. Any thought to diet has been chucked out of the window; he is offered the very best in the food department – much to the annoyance of us, Finlay and Bobby (we don’t mean it really, ‘cos we do get little extra bits as well.)

Gus tires very easily on walks, so the pair of Them just amble up the bridle path each morning and late evening. He is in his element, as he is allowed to sniff for as long as he likes, without having to run to catch us up, which was the usual case when all of us went out!

If any of you have been unfortunate  enough to have lived with a Scottie suffering from a Splenic Tumour, we’d be more than happy to hear about it. Any advice on making sure Gus lives out what little life is left for him, to the fullest, would be much appreciated by us, and his devoted Mum and Dad.

7 thoughts on “Gus is very poorly

  1. OMD, this is terrible. Fight through it, Gus. You’re a terrier. I turn 10 this month and who knows how much time I have left. We could use some Gus pictures.


      1. Keep us informed. I’d rush right over to comfort him but I’m afraid the British Isles don’t have enough food to satisfy the two of us together.


  2. Kendra had a tumour, though we never really found out where. Enjoy each day with Gus, we know you’ll make the most of the time you have left and his life is filled with love.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  3. Poor guys.

    I’m sure you’ve had a busy life filled with love from humans and dogs alike.
    And I am sure the rest of it will be filled with even MORE love!

    Here is some from me:

    *licks and waggles*



  4. Thank you everyone. She says your kindness and thoughts are most comforting. We shall soldier on like the true diehards that we, as scottie dogs, and our scottie owners are. Gus would want it no other way, even more so now as he’s getting ooOOoodles of love, attention, and bestest of all for him, lots of little doggie food treats along the way!


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