Gus – a celebration of a wonderful life

Whoa! There’s sooooo many pictures to pick from. We’ve chosen only 87!!! so grab yourselves a doggie treat, or if you’ve allowed your humans to assist you, tell them to get a cup of coffee. Then sit back and (hopefully) enjoy. They are not in any date order, so you’re likely see a mix of Gus as a baby, and then as he is now.

7 thoughts on “Gus – a celebration of a wonderful life

  1. You can identify Gus in a group of Scotties. We could have swapped notes on begging for food. They’re not falling for my old stuff all the time anymore. A discussion with Gus would expand my methods!


  2. Such a gorgeous boy. Great pictures and great memories. We think Gus was the ‘headless scottie’.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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