Finlay Cushing’s : Update

We thank all of you for your words of support regarding Finlay and “his Cushing’s Disease”. It unfortunately came far too soon after the loss of our beloved Gus, but life can be that cruel and so we continue to take each day as it comes and cherish each and every moment.

Some of you have asked for more in-depth details about Finlay and his Cushings, so Bobby reports as follows:

After his first ACTH Stim test he was given 30mg of Vetoryl, with a repeat Stim test due 10 days later. His blood count was extremely high. The cost of these 14 days of meds was £23.00

After the second ACTH Stim Test (20th July), his blood results have dropped, but not to within the “safer” range we would have hoped for. So our wonderful Vet has increased Fin’s vetoryl to 40mg per day, with another Stim test in two weeks (3rd August). The cost for the increase and for another 2 weeks of meds is £33.00, making approx £56.00 a month for vetoryl. Perhaps this cost will decrease should the vetoryl decrease in potency.

The weather wasn’t too good here in the UK so we couldn’t assess Fin’s walking ability – he usually did “emergency stops” and would take time getting his breath back before carrying on. The one walk we did manage he seemed to enjoy so much, that there’s a buoyant feeling that the vetoryl is working.

As far as food is concerned – he still thoroughly enjoys his breakfast and dinner and if given the chance, would eat lots more.

So, things look promising here, and paws and fingers are crossed that the next blood/ACTH test will prove the case.

We do hope that those of you “suffering” with Cushings are able to report good progress – please let us know, as we are all one big happy blog family.

Lots of RoooOOoodles from the Sparhawks

10 thoughts on “Finlay Cushing’s : Update

  1. Since I have Addison’s, I know the problems somewhat. I’ve been having a shot every 25 days. It comes in a little 4cc vial and I take 1cc per shot giving the bottle 100 days worth of meds. The price keeps increasing and Aug 10th He’ll have to buy another. The last was $188 which I believe is around £120 and when you add in the syringe cost, it makes it about $2 per day or £1.25. He tells me that I’m worth it. Fin is worth it also.


    1. What a high maintenance ‘gal’ you are …….. but then it looks like I’m in that same league, but I’m a boy (well I was once before the “op”). If I could bottle some of my surplus cortisone-thingy I’d certainly send it over to you, because you are most definitely worth it!

      RooOOodles from Fin


  2. Angus’ ACTH Stim results came back improved.. Dogtor G. wants to leave his doses of Vetoryl @ 10 mg twice a day. He is still having issues with his electrolytes and is back on Potassium and has to go get stuck for the electrolytes again on Friday. He ate very well last night but his tummy was upset and breakfast came back up, Rich went home at lunch and said he ate well but had to go back I guess I’ll know when I go home at 4pm. ( Vet Tech said it may be because of the ACTH stim test, we were just getting him to eat a bit) Hopefully this gets better real soon.

    So We are at $4 a day for Vetoryl.
    We have been opening the caplets because he will not take them we have to mix them with sherbert or yogurt once we get his doses stabilized we will be able to order from Diamondback or another mail order for a bit less. Plus They will compound them for us from the generic for a better price. Dogtor G was concerned that opening them may not have as good of results. He seemed pleased. He must go back for another test in 2 weeks.

    Hope Finn continues to feel better..It is very helpful to have someone to compare notes with.


  3. Did Finn feel poorly after his Acth Stim test? Angus did not feel well at all Tuesday evening and could not keep food down until late last night..He seems to feel a bit perkier and has kept food down today.
    I am wondering if they can monitor with just the ACTH without the stim it seems to have really set him back.


    1. Fortunately Fin appears to be okay – no side effects of the “Test” and he does still eat heartily. Not been out on too many walks: weather too hot here believe it or not, so don’t know yet whether we’ve managed to eliminate the “emergency stopping” while he gets his breath back. Knowing the English weather, it’ll be back to raining before too long, so will monitor and report back on the stopping bit.

      Glad to see that Angus perked up …… let’s hope it stays that way!


  4. We lost Angus this morning, shortly after he took his meds, Our vet feels it was a reaction. Please watch Finn for reflux/ wet burps, which may be signs of an allegy. We continue to send ” paw prayers” for Finn’s recovery.


    1. Oh my god, oh my god …. we are so very very sorry. This is such a shock. Our deepest sympathies to you all. We cannot believe this news and we are sure that it is incredibly distressing for yourselves. We’re going to check out the reflux thing right now.

      Thinking of you all ……..


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