Under New Management!

Because Finlay is the centre of attention on our Scottie Health blog, we had a chat at it was agreed that me, Bobby, should be the “Editor” of Sparhawk Scottie Dogs. I’ve had words with Her and told Her to get Her act in order and set aside time for me to get on the ‘puter and chat with you, our Scottie Dog friends.

So to begin with, Sorry I’ve not been around. As you know Finlay is poorly. We have good days and bad days. We’re just coming through some bad days (hopefully). I’m gonna cheat a little bit and copy a few posts from his blog to share here. It’ll bring you up to date with what’s been happening.

I’ve been reading all your posts so despite the fact I’ve been unable to comment, I’m about up to date with what you guys have been doing.

This is us last Saturday (20th April) it was a lovely day here in the UK and we went for a stroll – well Finlay went for a stroll, I went on a walk/run!

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We need to send you our sincere apologies for not getting around to see you all. Although we’ve posted stuff, we’ve been dragged off the computer as soon as we’ve clicked the “publish” button. And the reason for this rudeness from Her?

Well, since Finlay wasn’t satisfied with just having Cushings and got himself dosed up with TCC as well, She’s decided to create a website about Scottie Health. She hopes that other scottie owners will share their stories about the good and bad stuff that’s happened to their scotties in the hope that it will help other scottie owners and their scotties, not only to get the right treatment, but to show there’s other alternatives available.

Soooooo …… as the new website (www.scottishterrierhealth.com) is all about us (well not us as in Bobby & Finlay ‘cos we’ve got this site which is all about us haven’t we) but about us Scottie Dogs, we’ve decided to let Her off. For a while. But only for a while.

Oh …. another thing …..She said you’re all welcome to pop by, and if you want to add your own stories She’d be grateful – don’t forget this sharing is to help other Scottie Dogs.

So, that’s the reason we appear to be ignoring everyone … but we’re not really. Anyway, She thought she broke her neck at the weekend. Hospital said its only a very bad sprain – so we might get a chance to  get on the computer whilst She’s resting up a bit more. Get the treats ready!!!

Finlay & Bladder Cancer

Finlay the Rasta-Scot

Just in case any of you are trawling Facebook or Twitter, don’t be alarmed if you notice posts or comments about Finlay and bladder cancer. He was diagnosed with the TCC form of this mid-December but we chose not to announce it as we all wanted to enjoy the Christmas fun.

He had his 2nd scan Yesterday, Thursday, and it appears that the tumour has reduced slightly. He is being given Metacam for this, but had to have some stomach calming tablets as he was not keeping his food down, or in (know what I mean), but yesterday the Vet mentioned that this episode of giving his food away coincided with a virus in our local area. So, those tablets are being withdrawn in a couple of days when they are all gone, and it will be only the Metacam doing it’s hardest to keep the tumour at bay.

So far so good. Outwardly Fin shows no sign of being unwell. He has a voracious appetite and would give Kyla a good run for her money. He’s still extremely bouncy in the morning and demands his morning fussy before having breakfast (not like Kyla I’m sure!) – he won’t come out of the bedroom if he’s not had his fussy. I only get a little look in, and that’s if I barge in!

On the walks though we do experience “delays”. He’ll take for ages to have a pee, and then two steps later, he thinks he wants another and will spend ages again. And then, guess what, another two steps and another pee. Sometimes he tries to disguise this by pee-ing like a girl, but She’s cottoned on to that and knows what he’s doing. In the meantime I sit and wait, and then ‘cos I don’t want to pee in the same area as Fin, I’ll stop two steps and find my own spot to read and write pee-mail. Oh boy does it take time to get going – but none of us would have it any other way.

Fin will have another scan when he goes in for his next Cushings Stim test (early March), just so that She can have some peace of mind, so it’s business as usual, but on a much slower scale.

We wanted to try those Apocaps that are doing the rounds in the good ole’ US of A, but our Vet wants to stick with the Metacam for the time being – so if you know anydoggy out there suffering in a similar way to Fin, but being given Apocaps – give us a bark will ya!

RooOOoodles for now

roooodles bobby

Finlay Cushing’s : Update

We thank all of you for your words of support regarding Finlay and “his Cushing’s Disease”. It unfortunately came far too soon after the loss of our beloved Gus, but life can be that cruel and so we continue to take each day as it comes and cherish each and every moment.

Some of you have asked for more in-depth details about Finlay and his Cushings, so Bobby reports as follows:

After his first ACTH Stim test he was given 30mg of Vetoryl, with a repeat Stim test due 10 days later. His blood count was extremely high. The cost of these 14 days of meds was £23.00

After the second ACTH Stim Test (20th July), his blood results have dropped, but not to within the “safer” range we would have hoped for. So our wonderful Vet has increased Fin’s vetoryl to 40mg per day, with another Stim test in two weeks (3rd August). The cost for the increase and for another 2 weeks of meds is £33.00, making approx £56.00 a month for vetoryl. Perhaps this cost will decrease should the vetoryl decrease in potency.

The weather wasn’t too good here in the UK so we couldn’t assess Fin’s walking ability – he usually did “emergency stops” and would take time getting his breath back before carrying on. The one walk we did manage he seemed to enjoy so much, that there’s a buoyant feeling that the vetoryl is working.

As far as food is concerned – he still thoroughly enjoys his breakfast and dinner and if given the chance, would eat lots more.

So, things look promising here, and paws and fingers are crossed that the next blood/ACTH test will prove the case.

We do hope that those of you “suffering” with Cushings are able to report good progress – please let us know, as we are all one big happy blog family.

Lots of RoooOOoodles from the Sparhawks