Under New Management!

Because Finlay is the centre of attention on our Scottie Health blog, we had a chat at it was agreed that me, Bobby, should be the “Editor” of Sparhawk Scottie Dogs. I’ve had words with Her and told Her to get Her act in order and set aside time for me to get on the ‘puter and chat with you, our Scottie Dog friends.

So to begin with, Sorry I’ve not been around. As you know Finlay is poorly. We have good days and bad days. We’re just coming through some bad days (hopefully). I’m gonna cheat a little bit and copy a few posts from his blog to share here. It’ll bring you up to date with what’s been happening.

I’ve been reading all your posts so despite the fact I’ve been unable to comment, I’m about up to date with what you guys have been doing.

This is us last Saturday (20th April) it was a lovely day here in the UK and we went for a stroll – well Finlay went for a stroll, I went on a walk/run!

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12 thoughts on “Under New Management!

    1. Not to labour much about his illness but boy oh boy! have I been waiting for this. Hopefully I can live up to expectations. He’s the centre of attention on “his” site and I hope to be as good here. so Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll be posting more often. Yippeee (you don’t think I’m happy or something ….?)

      Yours …. furever …. Bobby!


    1. Thanks Speedy. I’m getting worried that there’ll be a bit of pressure on – but hey ho! I’ll have a go. Finlay was ok until about 1hr ago when “things” got regurgitated from both ends! Not a pretty sight. His fault though for only wanting to eat Liver Pate! Tee Hee! Well, apparently it was the only way to get his tablets down – serves them right. If it’d been me I’d have had nooooo trouble. I do keep trying to “help out” with the foody things, but I keep getting shoved out of the way. Still, its better to only have one regurgitating Scottie on the block! RooOOodles, Bobby, woof woof


  1. Good to hear from you. Great walk. We’re so happy Finlay could join in. Must make him feel much better!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. It is really great that Fin can join in. Although I know how brill it would be, just me and Her, we would both feel very guilty and sad that we didn’t bring Finlay along. You can see that he thoroughly enjoys being in his Stroller – centre of attention – always was and always will be. This way he gets to join in and I get a good run and everyone is happy!


  2. Soooooooooo happy to meet you Bobby and thanks for giving us an update on Finley. I just lovs Finley’s new blue convertible. You are a good friend to Finley.
    How old ares you Bobby? I thinks we will be great furfriends. Looking forward to hearing more about all your adventures.


    1. Hi Ranger, I’m Fin’s brother so him and me are both 10 years & 2 months old. We’ve been watching you grow from a pup into a 1 year old. You make us both laugh a lot. We wanted to join in the beach party when you had your birthday with Stuart, but Fin was too poorly, so we stayed at home. Love checking out your site. Catch you later!


    1. Thanks guys. I thought a new layout went hand in hand with “new management” but She wasn’t too sure. I put my paws down and barked at her till She agreed. Now don’t you go pulling your Lady over, if you hurt her too much you two won’t get out and about now will you!


  3. Bobby, I’m so glad you and Finley were able to make it to Park Day! It’s good that Finley has a stroller so he doesn’t have to miss out on the fun…Your park looks very peaceful and you have swans at your park just like I do 🙂 And I’m with you pal…there’s never enough ice cream!


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