We need to send you our sincere apologies for not getting around to see you all. Although we’ve posted stuff, we’ve been dragged off the computer as soon as we’ve clicked the “publish” button. And the reason for this rudeness from Her?

Well, since Finlay wasn’t satisfied with just having Cushings and got himself dosed up with TCC as well, She’s decided to create a website about Scottie Health. She hopes that other scottie owners will share their stories about the good and bad stuff that’s happened to their scotties in the hope that it will help other scottie owners and their scotties, not only to get the right treatment, but to show there’s other alternatives available.

Soooooo …… as the new website (www.scottishterrierhealth.com) is all about us (well not us as in Bobby & Finlay ‘cos we’ve got this site which is all about us haven’t we) but about us Scottie Dogs, we’ve decided to let Her off. For a while. But only for a while.

Oh …. another thing …..She said you’re all welcome to pop by, and if you want to add your own stories She’d be grateful – don’t forget this sharing is to help other Scottie Dogs.

So, that’s the reason we appear to be ignoring everyone … but we’re not really. Anyway, She thought she broke her neck at the weekend. Hospital said its only a very bad sprain – so we might get a chance to  get on the computer whilst She’s resting up a bit more. Get the treats ready!!!

13 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Well your new site sounds like an interesting concept. I, Sweet William The Scot, an in a genetic testing study for the better health of all Scots. I got my mouth all swabbed and we had to seal it all proper and send it away. I think just one of the things they are looking at is why so many Scots lick their paws continuously. I don’t lick my paws at all.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. That’s very good of you Sweet William. Is that study only taking place in America? We know how advanced you guys are; we are way behind on scottie health here in the UK. Perhaps we can make contact, or keep an eye on them …. it might help us over here.


      1. It is being done at Van Andel Institute canine genetics & genomics in Grand Rapids. Only in the states to my knowledge. A lot of the bloggers applied and to my knowledge just a few of us were chosen.


  2. That’s a good idea…..so we’ll let you off this time. Hope your mum’s pain in the neck is healed soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  3. My peep and her mum like your new site, it was good to be able to read more about Cushings, my Uncle Fergus has that.

    He has so many of the symptoms your site mentions, he drinks heaps, wees a lot, has a swollen tummy, wants food all the time… Poor old chap. 😦


    1. We hope Uncle Fergus is not too uncomfortable. Oh She says to you to say (what???) to your Peep and her Mum “thank you for liking the new site” Really, humans, take so long to write something short! Anyway we say Thank you too!


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