Finlay & Bladder Cancer

Finlay the Rasta-Scot

Just in case any of you are trawling Facebook or Twitter, don’t be alarmed if you notice posts or comments about Finlay and bladder cancer. He was diagnosed with the TCC form of this mid-December but we chose not to announce it as we all wanted to enjoy the Christmas fun.

He had his 2nd scan Yesterday, Thursday, and it appears that the tumour has reduced slightly. He is being given Metacam for this, but had to have some stomach calming tablets as he was not keeping his food down, or in (know what I mean), but yesterday the Vet mentioned that this episode of giving his food away coincided with a virus in our local area. So, those tablets are being withdrawn in a couple of days when they are all gone, and it will be only the Metacam doing it’s hardest to keep the tumour at bay.

So far so good. Outwardly Fin shows no sign of being unwell. He has a voracious appetite and would give Kyla a good run for her money. He’s still extremely bouncy in the morning and demands his morning fussy before having breakfast (not like Kyla I’m sure!) – he won’t come out of the bedroom if he’s not had his fussy. I only get a little look in, and that’s if I barge in!

On the walks though we do experience “delays”. He’ll take for ages to have a pee, and then two steps later, he thinks he wants another and will spend ages again. And then, guess what, another two steps and another pee. Sometimes he tries to disguise this by pee-ing like a girl, but She’s cottoned on to that and knows what he’s doing. In the meantime I sit and wait, and then ‘cos I don’t want to pee in the same area as Fin, I’ll stop two steps and find my own spot to read and write pee-mail. Oh boy does it take time to get going – but none of us would have it any other way.

Fin will have another scan when he goes in for his next Cushings Stim test (early March), just so that She can have some peace of mind, so it’s business as usual, but on a much slower scale.

We wanted to try those Apocaps that are doing the rounds in the good ole’ US of A, but our Vet wants to stick with the Metacam for the time being – so if you know anydoggy out there suffering in a similar way to Fin, but being given Apocaps – give us a bark will ya!

RooOOoodles for now

roooodles bobby

18 thoughts on “Finlay & Bladder Cancer

  1. We’re so sad to hear about that. But happy that the tumour seems to be getting smaller AND Fin’s feeling like his old self. Paws crossed for continued progress.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy


  2. Oh Finlay I hope your treatment continues to shrink that tumor. Lee has never had to deal with bladder cancer, but she sure knows everthing there is to know about Cushings. Her second scotty had Cushings from age of three till he passed away and he passed away from bone cancer not Cushings.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. Oh my!, poor Lee having to cope with a beloved Scottie having Cushings at such an early age. If Lee doesn’t mind, we might just ask a couple of questions about Cushings in due course, as we’ve only been dealing with it first hand since July 2012. We’re so glad that you’re with Lee now, looking after her, and Thank You for being supportive to us.


  3. I have Addison’s and need a shot every 25 days to be able to live. I haven’t had bladder cancer but we Scotties are prone to it. This is the first I’ve ever heard about Apocaps so I can’t give you any info to help and I so do want to help. Good wishes will have to do and you have them.


    1. Perhaps Fin should come and live with you and you can both be hooked up to a machine and he can share his over abundance of cortizone thingy with you! I’m looking for the packing paper, so you’d better say “yes” quickly!
      RooOoodles, Bobby


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