Flashback Fridays

This is back to August 1999; Cornwall and the time we in England experienced a Total Eclipse of the Sun. In this picture, from left to right is Agi, Kelpie and Izzy. They took the girls to Cornwall as that was one of the few places in the United Kingdom that you could experience a total eclipse. All five of them (3 scotties and 2 humans) slept in a Renault Scenic. Apparently it was brilliant.

This is a photo of the girls, just after their breakfasts, on a very very quiet country lane, patiently waiting for the eclipse to begin. We’ve found photos of the eclipse, but ‘cos there’s no Scotties in them, we thought no one would be interested – we’re not!!!!!

They all then went on a couple of days touring around Cornwall before returning home.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. He saw a total eclipse of the sun near Montreal. The light is really eerie before and after so there’s a show besides the short eclipse. It should be on a bucket list.


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