Hailey & Zaphod

As part of our “Scampering Scotties” series, featuring our walks, we are also spotlighting our furiends walks. This month we are pleased to bring you an article written by Hailey (with probably a sniff or two from Zaphod!), from “The Hailey Chronicles” talking about their favourite walk.

We just moved to the country in August and have new favourite walks now.

His favourite walk is down by the beach because he loves to swim.

My favourite walk (Hailey) is in the trails behind our house. There is so much more to sniff there. (You can see from the picture I picked, we saw something good in the bush!)

We are very lucky to live in the Gatineau Hills In Quebec Canada with a Lady who loves to walk us.

To check out what Hailey and Zaphod get up to on a regular basis, check out their blog.

11 thoughts on “Hailey & Zaphod

  1. Hey Finlay, Hey Bobby, Jet here.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance. Hailey and Zaphod asked us to pop over and visit today. What a wonderful concept to feature walks. We love to see where everyone goes. We did not know Hailey and Zaphod walk in Quebec. Mom’s visited there twice over the years and finds the area gorgeous.


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