Flashback Fridays

Now then – what do we have here. “What are you carrying” I hear you all yap! Well …… when on long walks, in the countryside, there’s often no bins to deposit our “evidence” (as I’ve often heard it called). So when on holiday in the Isle of Skye many years back, Mama came across this little “saddle-bag” affair and thought it would be more than useful if one of us wore it and carried away our “evidence” until a more appropriate receptacle appeared in which to dump the whole lot.

So, until recently I wore said saddle bags wherever we went. I used to go crazy with excitement when it was taken off it’s hook ‘cos I knew we’d be going out and about. These days though, my working days as a “beast of burden” are over as there’s lots of waste bins available.

I do have a more modern version of the saddle bags, in fact I have plenty of them over the years, and it’s not unknown for me to wear it, especially on a new and long walk when we are uncertain of the small conveniences to be found along the way.

Do any of you have a job you do – share if you do, it would be interesting to see if I’m the only unpaid Scottie in Blogville!

saddle bags

5 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. I (Sammy) am the unpaid family & property guard and barker. I do my job exceptionally well but receive little praise and no pay for it!

    We love your saddles bag. Have a grrreat weekend.

    Wally & Sammy


  2. Wow! We just make HER carry it. We never saw scotties wearing backpacks or saddle bags (and we don’t want HER getting ideas.)

    We’re unpaid lackies here, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  3. You look quite dashing in your saddlebag…Momz loves it and wants to know where she can get one for me! My biggest job is to give lots of snoogles and I do it very well Happy Friday!


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