I’m Back again!

Ooops, sorry, didn’t manage to call round! So busy getting “my other home” ready that I only manage a quick visit to my first home, before I’m scampering off to my 2nd home! We’ll get organised soon though, I promise.

Anyway, just quickly scanning through my “September Scottish Holiday” and remembered that Dada destroyed two of Mama’s new babies that she likes to collect.

Here’s the evidence. Dada dropped the bag in our holiday cottage, onto the granite floors and this is the result!

Today though, I helped Mama glue them back together. They’ll now take up residence in my “Scottie Collectibles Cabinet” with all my other Greatest Scottie Finds. Does anyone else have Collectibles Cabinet? Perhaps we can share stuff?

Anyway, here’s the two new “babies” ….. PS Dada went back into Kelso (in Scotland) whilst we were still on holiday and bought 4 more “babies” for Mama. These babies though, are living in my 2nd home – I’ll get photos next week as I’m back off there on Thursday!

Broken babies
Broken babies
Broken babies mended
Broken babies mended

7 thoughts on “I’m Back again!

  1. We don’t have a collectable cabinet, we just have scottie stuff EVERYWHERE. Great job gluing them together. SHE loves those mugs.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy


  2. Mom just let out an ear piercing “squeeeeeeeeee”…she LOVES those babies. Mom has a small but very special Scottie collection. Scottie stuff is pretty hard to come by here in SA so she gets super excited whenever she makes a find.

    Welcome back – we missed you!

    Wally & Sammy


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