In Memorium

Agi, 11.11.90 – 3.12.2002

Today is possibly one of the worlds most important days of remembrance, other than for those of us who’ve lost companions on days other than 11th November.

This day allow us to openly mourn. To shed tears without embarrassment. To remember.

This day is doubly poignant for my family as this is the day 23 years ago, that Mama’s first Scottie dog, Agi, was born. Although I never met Agi, as she died in December 2002, two months before I was born, it is because of her that me and my mama-dog, brothers and sisters became part of the life of this family.

So, like millions of others, mourning the loss of people we’ve never met; paying our respects to those that have gone before; to those that have sacrificed their lives for others; I too pay my respects to these great people and include in my thoughts a little prayer for a devoted companion that I know Mama still misses ….. desperately.

Purple Poppy, a reminder that animals have been and continue to be victims of war ……

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